In the Land of Forgiveness & Release

Walls – restricting walls, limiting walls and confining walls of anger, fear, hurt, pain and unforgiveness are a present reality for adults, youth and children in every family and community. From the inevitable questions: How did I get here? Or, Where was God when these horrible things happened to me? Beyond the Walls navigates the journey from family issues issues prior to birth; then considers the impact of trauma and abuse creating huge issues of unforgiveness that become ever-encroaching walls of limitation. These ever-encroaching issues press in limiting the potential of hope, joy and peace for those behind the walls. Their world of hurt and anger gets smaller and smaller, the walls higher and higher until hope is extinguished. Beyond the Walls offers life principles of forgiveness and release to move beyond the walls of unforgiveness. This book is a challenge to stretch on tip toes to see beyond the walls into the land of Hope – “the land of what might be” through forgiveness and release
the Right Way

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Leaders: pastors, teachers, administrators, parents and other influencers are challenged daily with making decisions to enhance the personal growth and productivity of those they are leading. You will find that making the decision is only part of seeing development and productivity grow. There is also the challenge of delivering those decisions in a way that the developing child, constituent or employee can best assimilate the information. When you mix even good decisions with a poor attitude disaster can result. This work highlights the relationship between decisions and attitudes.  It examines how powerfully attitude effects both relationship and productivity.