Celebrating Shining Moments

It has indeed been a challenging few years for The Ranch. Together we are recovering from loses to very important family and friends. But, it is a new season in many ways. We are now recognized as an At-Risk Group Home for children who have been trafficked or are at risk of being trafficked. This requires much more training for staff members, and it places us at the center of the immense tragedy that is occurring in Florida.

In the midst of the changes children are still being served. We have experienced some amazing stories.  Two teen brothers adopted. It is a miracle for these two young men. What a gift!  Another young man aged out of care. He was taken in by staff members, a community partner gave him and job, and recently he received the keys to his own car. He continues to pursue his high school diploma. 

I was sitting in the conference room a few days ago, when MA came through the door. It had been several months since I had seen him. He looked like he had grown a foot. Tall, slender well-dressed he stood with a huge smile. He told us he was graduating in December, and just wanted to come by and thank us and let us know. The veery next day a young lady came into the conference room. She was bubbly and smiled broadly. You don’t know who I am do you. He blazing red hair through me off, but soon I realized TD. She remembered a group session on appropriate relationships. She recanted the Hebrew words that were highlighted in the video during the session. TD’s dream was to be a doctor and she is in her 2nd year of college in pursuit of that dream.

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of our children. We simply cannot do what we do without partners like you. You can follow the link below to support The Ranch, sponsor a child for Christmas, sponsor a cottage outing for Christmas break, or sponsor a campus-wide activity for Christmas.

Christmas Celebration – For the first time since 2019, we will be hosting a Christmas Celebration on December 8 at 6:30. We invite you to join the kids, staff and friends of The Ranch for a fun night.

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