Ascending to Your Dreams


Klimbing for Kids – Ascending to Your Dreams

Well we did it! We took the challenge to climb the highest point in Africa to raise awareness and funds for children who will age out of care without a high school 

diploma or a marketable job skill. Every 3 seconds a child ages out of an orphanage, group home or foster care. Often they find themselves without any viable support.

In the days just before we started our ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro, I began to reflect on the young men and women that I was climbing to represent. They ar

e the 14–17-year-olds who are aging nearing the point of aging out of orphanages, group homes and the foster care system without a high school diploma or a job skill.
This is catastrophic when you realize every three seconds a child ages out of care. I reflected on how my decision to climb, preparation, planning and then execution of the climb would illustrate a model for achieving their dreams. I often hear the youth represented above share their dreams, lofty dreams. But, these dreams will require them to make a decision, develop and execute a plan; but just as important they will need the help of mentors and supporters. Ascending to Your Dreams shares my journey from the decision to climb, with insights from my companion Alice.
Click the photo for an excerpt from the book!

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