9-17 Irma Recovery Update

I wanted to give you an update from the Heart of Florida Youth Ranch. This is our seventh day without power.   I am reminded of a point made by our General Overseer Tim Hill a few years ago.  Some battles you are not intended to win, but only survive. I doubt anyone feels particularly triumphant, but we are more than surviving. I have been so very proud of our staff from top to bottom. Everyone has stepped up being flexible and adapting to the challenges we have faced.  There have been frustrations, but just as many smiles and shining moments. Lack of electricity Long lines and 2 hour waits for gas or diesel to run generators, mechanical breakdowns were overshadowed by the resiliency on our staff and children. Thank you for your immediate response to our need for larger generator. We were able to bring water back to our cottages, administration building, and even our horses.   Churches and individuals stepped up to bring in meals for our residents.  As power was restored in the city, staff made arrangements to get our residents into various activities off-campus. Several assisted  as mentors and support letting resident stay over night. Keep us in your prayers, And, Please continue to remember The Ranch as the financial impact will be significant. Your help has already made a huge difference.