2020 Annual Report

Heart of Florida Youth Ranch

Annual Report



Did Anyone Notice Anything Different About This Year! I ask that question at a recent speaking engagement to a generous laughter. It has been a very challenging year for our ministry, our community, our nation and our world. Everything seemed to be headed as planned and relatively routine. And then you couldn’t find toilet paper, businesses closed or worked from home, churches went online, agencies we worked with worked remotely and schools closed. No one could have predicted this! Suddenly, we had 38 residents (most are special needs or behind in subjects) whose education depended on us. I have never been so proud of a group of staff. Workloads shifted, rooms and our auditorium were repurposed, computers, supplies and other materials were purchased to make workstations, staff were reassigned, additional bandwidth was acquired to meet the sudden need of online schooling. From March until school ended in early June, we did our best to tutor and facilitate online learning. We saw  success as a few students fared well catching up and working their way out of restricted alternative settings. However, for most it was very difficult to maintain attention. We adjusted schedules to keep kids moving from one-time block to the next with plenty of activities. It was a team effort and you should be proud of our staff. Every park, beach, public recreational area, movie theatre was closed. Churches moved online. The campus was closed to visitors, mentors and all outside groups. What do you do with 38 children when there is nowhere to go? Again our cottage parents and support staff were resilient and creative coming up with campus activities including athletic/exercise challenges, ball games, outdoor movies, end of school dance for middle and high schoolers. It was challenging but a very successful summer. On August 5, just as things appeared to be getting back to normal as kids were out school shopping; Jo Ann was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It had spread to her liver, lymph nodes in her chest and bones in her spine, chest and hips. Our lives shifted dramatically. I needed to focus on Jo Ann’s care, I will be forever grateful for the administrative team that stepped up to keep things moving forward. We have a great team. Jo Ann has shown remarkable resilience as we continue to walk this journey. Thank you for your love and prayers. We cannot thank you enough. Inspections & Audits Lead Agencies and Department of Children and Family inspections and audits were affected as well. Rather than have agency personnel visit the campus to inspect files and the physical plant for compliance, these became virtual as well. Another load was placed on staff, as they had to gather assigned material, prepare packets and then scan these materials to agencies. Physical plant compliance was virtual with video conferencing the inspection. Finally, in September DCF came a for an in-person physical plant audit. It is notable that HOFYR received the highest score possible with 100% compliance. We are so very proud of the efforts of our administrative, case management and direct care staff for their commitment to excellence in all things.   Unbridled Hope Horsemanship UHH accommodated our ever changing schedules to provide residents with basic horsemanship all the while developing confidence and empathy within the residents. The year was not without challenges, our residents were also modeled how to process loss as Chappy passed away peacefully, and then Pixie succumb to a medical condition. The kids were amazing in caring for the ailing Chappy, and then standing guard over Pixie until disposal workers could arrive. UHH continues to be accredited by  Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.   Physical Plant As we continue to adjust to the needs of our ministry, a large activity room was divided into three rooms. Two therapy offices and a group room. This has been needed for some time. It will allow our therapist ininterrupted meeting rooms and work rooms. Preparations were made for several storms that threatened the area this season, but there was little damage. Physical Plant and other Improvements:

  1. The auditorium floor was sanded, sealed and painted.
  2. Temporarily repurposed the auditorium for COVID School.
  3. A/C upgrade for Maddies Cupboard (Food Warehouse)
  4. Installed new Honors Garden with Flag Pole and dedicated the area to Retired 1st Sergeant Lindford Hayes.
  5. Upgraded Internet, video, and training Equipment.
  6. Periodically tested generators.
  7. Installed Ring Doorbell Camera to monitor people entering administration building. This enhanced or security.


  • Lindford Hayes and Stormy Helton continue to do an amazing job in training, scheduling and supporting our direct care staff.
  • Sean Stephens returned to the ministry as Lead Case Manager.

Promotion and Donations:

  • Strong local exposure through various news outlets and media.
  • A few key speaking engagements prior to COVID to bring awareness to HOFYR’s mission
  • YMCA Partnership renewed for 2016-17
  • Marion County Speedway
  • Easy Street
  • Kirby Farms
  • Davis Express (Tyson Chicken)
  • Borden’s Milk
  • Publix (Doing Christmas dinner & bought gifts)
  • TG Lee Milk
  • Horse Feed (Sparr Building, Tractor Supply)
  • Several churches bring in supplies monthly
  • R & L Trucking Partnership


  • Need work groups for various projects;
    • Playground Equipment Painted
    • Repair/Rebuild Horse Shelter
  • One Cottage van (12-15 Passenger)
  • A tractor large enough to bush-hog fields
  • New Twin Size Mattresses
  • Wholesale source for fruits and vegetables.
  • Repair and Replace doors for Administration Building ($2,000 each)

  Financial Report: Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2020   Income: Donations:                               $   385,867.25 Contract Services                    $2,172,885.04 Other Income                          $       3,145.33 Total Income                           $2,561,897.62   Expenditures: Employee: Sal, Taxes, Ben.     $1,663,520.88 Program Expenses                  $    594,179.30 Total Expenses                        $2,890,498.89 Net Income/Loss                                 $   394,197.44 Record Financial Year! RESIDENT REPORT Total Residents Served                       84 Reunifications with family                  21 Adoptive Placements                          13 Disruptions                                           9 Average Census                                  35 Record Census                                    40   Total Discharges                                 43 Successful Discharges                         34   80% Successful Discharges in one of the most challenging years to date.  

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