2017 Annual Report

Heart of Florida Youth Ranch

Annual Report


What an Amazing Year! The Year saw many achievements for our campus. We began with a new record of 34 residents.  That was the maximum our license would allow.  Through out the year we upgraded several training and resource delivery systems to benefit our residents and staff. By June we were steadily at our manximum number with calls every week for the need for additional placements. We made afew alterations and were able to upgrade our license from 34 to 38 residents.  Almost immediately those beds were filled. We have maintained that number pretty consistently. We will close the year with just over 80 children served. That again is a record for The Ranch.  When we say “yes” to a hurting child, they are not just our children, they are your children too.” Unbridled Hope Equine Assisted Therapy We are having six classes per week with four residents in each class. Nearly 50 children have been served since classes began. It has been amazing to see the difference as this program has been unveiled. It is somewhat unique and something we can be truly proud of as an agency. The recent horse show was a highlight of my life. I developed a video called “The Best High Five Ever” as a result of one of our resident in that show.  (State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice paid for 1 child to receive services. This is an area of potential growth) One of our horses “Junebug” was selected to participate in an equestrian therapy training for horses by the University of Florida working with Wild Horsemanship Center. We will get her back this month and by mid-January she will be our lead horse in the program.  As a result of this, we have secured a grant to have a horse trainer through Wild Horsemanship Center to work with our remaining horses on sight for 6 months. Wild Horsemanship Center is also working to donate a horse trained in Equine Assisted Therapy.  This has been amazing to see God open the doors. Outstanding Camper at Teen Youth Camp Out of over 400 campers, one of our residents was named most outstanding camper at the Teen Church of God Florida Youth Camp. What a great moment of healing and encouragement!! Physical Plant A singular highlight of the year was the new roof for cottage #1. Connection Point Church in North Carolina provided man-power and The Church of God State Council raised the money for the roof. DONE!!!  And just time for the significant storms of the summer.  I cannot imagine what Cottage 1 would have looked like, if the roof had not been upgraded. One of the highlights of the difficult hurricane aftermath was walking the campus as light began to filter through the storm clouds and see all of our roofs, especially Cottage 1 intact.  Physical Plant and other Improvements:

  1. Cottage #1 Roof Replaced(Connection Point Church of God, Asheville, NC)
  2. Cottage 2 & 3 Tile Flooring Complete (No Carpet)
  3. Continued Upgraded and remodeled Barn and fencing for equine program.
  4. Donation 2012 Kia Sedona Van (Jenkins Hyundai)
  5. A/C upgrade for Maddies Cupboard (Food Warehouse)
  6. Ice Machine for Admin Kitchen (Larger capacity)
  7. Upgraded Video and Training Equipment.
  8. Purchase of (1) 15,000 Watt Generator for Well Hosue; (1) 5,600 Watt Generator for Administration; (4) 4,000 Watt Generators for cottages, (1) 2,000 Watt Generator for Administration/Maintenance.
  9. New sewer drain fields for Cottages 2 & 4.
  10. Box Gardens


  • “Unbridled Hope” Equine Assisted Therapy Program
  • Transition of Sean Stephens to Program Coordinator as Lindford Hayes has transitioned.

Council on Accreditation Site Visit

  • April 9, 2018

Promotion and Donations:

  • Strong local exposure through various news outlets and media.
  • Revelation series 8 minute documentary continues to air. (Video is available for church or group meetings)
  • Being Right the Right Way (Appreciation, Awareness and Multiple opportunities to present.)
  • YMCA Partnership renewed for 2016-17
  • Marion County Speedway
  • Easy Street
  • Kirby Farms
  • Davis Express (Tyson Chicken)
  • Borden’s Milk
  • Publix (Doing Christmas dinner & bought gifts)
  • TG Lee Milk
  • Horse Feed (Sparr Building, Tractor Supply)
  • Several churches bring in supplies monthly
  • R & L Trucking Partnership


  • Need work groups for fencing and tree debris clean up
  • Fence Repair
  • (1) 15,000 -20,000 Watt Generator for Administration Kitchen (Propane)
  • One Cottage van (12-15 Passenger).
  • (1) Administration Vehicle
  • Wholesale source for fruits and vegetables.
  • Repair and Replace doors for Administration Building ($2,000 each)

  Activity Money for Christmas Break   Financial Report: Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2017   Income:             Donations:                               $   222,675.02             Contract Services                    $1,491,584.78             Other Income                          $     58,316.73             Total Income                           $1,772,576.53   Expenditures:             Employee: Sal, Taxes, Ben.     $1,130,721.98             Program Expenses                  $  654,674.69             Total Expenses                        $1,785,396.67 Net Income/Loss                                 ($     12,820.14)   RESIDENT REPORT Total Residents Served                       84 Reunifications with family                  42 Adoptive Placements                           7 Step-Down                                            4 Disruptions                                            8 Average Census                                  30   Record Census                                    34   Total Discharges                                 61 Successful Discharges                         53   86% Successful Discharges

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