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For children who have nowhere to go and have suffered loss of parenting due to abandonment, abuse, neglect and death, these words are more than just a cliché.  They represent the beginning of a journey toward healing and wholeness.  Situated among the horse and cattle ranches of Marion County Florida; The Ranch provides a rural atmosphere that is conducive to nurture and growth.
      We believe children grow up best in healthy families. When it is necessary for a child to live apart from his or her family, we provide quality, compassionate care and remain focused on getting the child and family reunited. When reunification is not an option, our focus becomes the best option for permanency for the child.
     We are fully licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families as a private 501c3 and accredited by the Council of Accreditation.
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Almost every child we work with have a sense that the reason they are in a group home is that they have failed. You are a failure is the lie the enemy perpetuates to hurting people in general and hurting children in particular. For Alex  not only had she faced abuse and trafficking as a child, her years of exploitation had robbed her of her education. Now she struggles in school to the point of feeling like a failure. There seems to be no way that she could ever catch up.  But months of hard work and pressing through her courses, we got the call – Alex would walk with her class.  I thought of the hundreds that proudly walked across the stage in recognition of their accomplishment; few will have come as far, pressed through more and accomplished as much as Alex.
Our Purpose
To honor God by helping heal hurting children and families.
Our Mission
Equipping children and families at risk to live more effective, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

Called, commited, and competent caregivers will provide prevention, intervention, restoration, and empowerment to at-risk children and families through a functioning model and training center in Citra, Florida. From this location, we will partner with select organizations to develop training and support for children's ministries in the United States and around the world.

New Book

Beyond the Walls

Hope -
The Land of What Might Be

Walls – restricting walls, limiting walls and confining walls of anger, fear, hurt, pain and unforgiveness are a present reality for adults, youth and children in every family and community. From the inevitable questions: How did I get here? Or, Where was God when these horrible things happened to me? Beyond the Walls navigates the journey from family issues issues prior to birth; then considers the impact of trauma and abuse creating huge issues of unforgiveness that become ever-encroaching walls of limitation. These ever-encroaching issues press in limiting the potential of hope, joy and peace for those behind the walls. Their world of hurt and anger gets smaller and smaller, the walls higher and higher until hope is extinguished. Beyond the Walls offers life principles of forgiveness and release to move beyond the walls of unforgiveness. This book is a challenge to stretch on tip toes to see beyond the walls into the land of Hope – “the land of what might be” through forgiveness and release

Partner with Us!!
Shining Moments that promote healing and wholeness are made possible by people like you. We invite you to open your heart to partnering with us at the HOFYR by investing the life of a child through our "Dollars for Kids Club." For as little as $1 per week for Silver; $5 per week for Gold; and, $10 per week for gold you can be a sponsor.
ALSO: you can help with our needs list.
You have our commitment to do our utmost to translate whatever you give into a tangible expression of God's love for a hurting child.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11