News from the Ranch


Hope Begins Here . . .

It has been a challenging and exciting transition.  The new administrative team at HOFYR has come together in a remarkable way. I have heard COGWM Director Tim Hill reiterate the potential of an Amos 9:13 Season, Living Life at the Speed of Favor. I believe we are experiencing such a season at HOFYR.  The bringing together of such an experienced and passionate team within only a few weeks has been truly amazing. We are blessed. 
We invite you to follow our continuing development of a ministry that is at the very heart of God and in the DNA of the Church of God. From the very beginning displaced and hurting children were taken in by ministry leaders.  They are mentioned in the earliest history and I have a diary from A.J. Tomlinson from 1906 that notes at least 12 orphans living in his home.  At the HOFYR we continue that tradition with excellence.  We invite you to partner with us as we continue to serve the children that are referred for our care.